Getting A Degree Is Leg-Breaking Work

, , , , , | Working | January 24, 2018

(I have just graduated from college with my Bachelor’s Degree. Six days after that, I have knee surgery that involves cutting through my tibia and recentering it on my knee. Obviously, I’m no longer working at my restaurant job, and I’m planning to find a job in my field while I’m laid up. This happens when I drop by my work to get my paycheck and have lunch, post-procedure.)

Boss: “Wow! They really messed you up!”

Me: *on crutches and in a full leg brace* “Yep!”

Boss: “So, six to eight weeks?”

Me: “Um…”

Boss: “Well, in, like, four weeks, could you come and [do busywork, that could be done seated if I had help]?”

Me: “Um… probably not…”

(I knew he was shorthanded right then, but come on. I had a broken leg and a degree! I didn’t want to come back, anyway!)

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