Getting Cross With The Crossing

| Friendly | January 18, 2017

(I am recovering from a minor knee-injury. No crutches or cast or anything, but I still have it wrapped up with an Ace bandage beneath my jeans and can hardly bend it. I have a pronounced limp and can’t go anywhere fast. I do still have to go to the store, though, and while in the parking lot I am waiting at the cross-walk for several cars to go by. One car stops and waves me past, I just wave back. They wave again; I shake my head and indicate my abnormally-straight leg. The driver then ROLLS DOWN THE WINDOW AND YELLS AT ME.)


Me: *shrug* “If you insist.”

(I then begin limping my way across the intersection; I get about halfway across his car before he HONKS AT ME.)

Driver: “HURRY UP!”

Me: *still standing in front of his car* “You know, if you’d just gone on when I waved you off, you’d already be back on the road by now!”

(Thankfully he wasn’t road-raging so hard that he decided to run me over; I was not inclined to put any extra hurry in my step to finish crossing the street, either.)

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