Getting Carriage Away, Part 2

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New Zealand comes out of lockdown and kids go back to school late May. We are still meant to stay away from people outside of our “bubbles” when in public, but you can be close with family members, classmates, and coworkers. My school friends and I are coming home on the trains one Friday in early June; we always sit in the same place and always next to each other. This lady gets our attention.

Lady #1: “Hey! You can’t sit there!”

Friend: “Why not?”

Lady #1: “You are invading each other’s bubbles and the bubbles of the train crew!”

We stay silent; she keeps going.

Lady #1: “Some of you will have to sit elsewhere! Or get off and catch a later train! Those seats are marked for not sitting in for a reason!”

The train is very full; there are no free seats we can sit in without sitting next to strangers. Everyone is staring; someone is filming. My friend opens her mouth to say something.

Lady #2: “This lady is kindly asking you to do something! She is being very nice and you should listen to her!”

We talk to each other and half of us leave to catch the next train, I am one of the people on the original train.

The first lady continues yelling at some male students who get on but, surprisingly, drops it when they talk back to her. Then, she thanks [Lady #2] and says that she takes this train two times a week and she never sees such disrespectful people, ever. We take the same train, same carriage, same seats, and have NEVER seen this lady before

The punchline? [Lady #1] was sitting in a seat that was marked, “DO NOT SIT HERE.”

Getting Carriage Away

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