Getting Between A Man And His Pizza

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(A group of people from work tend to go together and grab pizza for lunch every Wednesday. The pizza place happens to be right next to a [Thrift Shop] and on this particular day I have a bunch of stuff to donate, so I offer to drive everyone so that I can stop and donate the items in my trunk. To avoid delaying everyone else, I drop the other three off at the front door before stopping next door and dropping off my stuff. When I get back to the pizza place, I find that my coworkers are halfway through the line, so I walk up to them and join the conversation again. As we finish waiting, I notice the guy right behind us in line is looking upset. I try to ignore him, but he seems to be staring at me angrily. I figure the best option is to just look elsewhere and pretend he doesn’t exist. After two of my coworkers go order, I head up to the counter. I order my pizza, and then feel someone next to me and turn to find that instead of my last coworker, the angry guy is right beside me and in my face.)

Angry Guy: “Think you’re better than us?”

Me: “What?”

Angry Guy: “Think you don’t have to wait in line? That you’re better than everyone else?”

(He’s getting aggressive and in my face enough I’m actually worried he might get violent, so I restrain myself from making any “what is this, kindergarten?” comments and try to defuse the situation.)

Me: *slowly* “No, I was just joining my friends.”

Angry Guy: “Think you can just skip past everyone else? That you’re better than them?”

Me: “No, I just thought I was joining my friends after dropping them off.”

(Then, my pizza was ready, so I grabbed it and left while he continued to glare at me. Thankfully, he didn’t follow me, and his food was to-go so he was out of the restaurant quickly. There were so many things I wanted to say to him, starting with pointing out he skipped past my last coworker. However, I didn’t feel getting punched was worth it, and he absolutely looked unhinged enough to do so if I gave him any provocation whatsoever. I’m still not entirely clear on what the proper etiquette is for whether you can join people in line that you dropped off; it’s possible I might have been in the wrong on that one. But I still wonder if he was on steroids or other aggression-causing drugs, because his response was so over-the-top. I have no idea why he was obsessed with people thinking they were better than him, but I kind of suspect that they are.)

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