Getting All Up In Your Hair(style)

| Friendly | November 18, 2016

(I’m twelve, and my brother is nine. My twin sister and I have always been into stereotypically girly things, and our little brother followed in our footsteps. He dropped most of it by the time he was around six, but he still enjoys cutting and styling hair. Today, we’re at [Toy Store], buying a present for my niece.)

Brother: “Mom! Look! A hairstyling Barbie head! Please can I have it?! Please?!”

Mom: “Okay, fine.”

(We find the toy for my niece and continue to the checkout. After my mom buys the styling head, my brother gleefully pulls it off the counter.)

Brother: “Yay!”

Customer: “That’s for you?”

Brother: “Yeah! I wanna be a hairstylist when I grow up!”

Customer: *to my mom* “Oh! Is this your child? Of course! Only a dirty Mexican would let their child be a f******!”

(The lady seems very proud of herself for “figuring this out.” My mom has a very special place in her heart for people like this, and this lady really got her steamed!)

Mom: “Okay, first of all, I’m Filipino, and I’ve spent all of forty-three years in the USA, and I am forty-six. Second, how dare you insult my child like that?! If he wants to be a hairstylist, I am going to encourage him, whether he be gay, straight, or bi! Finally, just because a boy likes hairstyling does not define his sexual orientation! And why should it matter?!”

Customer: “You f***ing Mexicans! You’re all rapists and f**s! Get the h*** outta my country! Little Mexican b**** with your family of s***s and f**s!”

(The customer continued to shriek profanities until security came and escorted her out!)

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