Getting Ahead Of The Migraine

, , | Hopeless | November 19, 2016

(It is exam week and my computer has broken down this very morning, which leads to me failing the two exams I had. I had put an all-nighter the night before. I am really tired, and have cried for hours, and I have one h*** of a migraine. I have left school feeling like garbage. I go to the pharmacy, eyes red from crying for hours, to buy some painkillers even though I barely have money left.)

Me: *weakly, still sobbing* “Excuse me, do you have something for a migraine?”

Pharmacist: *without looking at me* “Yes, we have [Brand #1] or [Brand #2]. Which one…” *finally looking at me* “Oh, sweetie! Are you all right?”

Me: “Not really… I’ll have [Brand #1], please.”

(She did take the box from the shelf, but instead of selling it to me; she actually opened the box, even though I hadn’t paid for it yet, put one of the pills in my hand, and got me a glass of water.)

Pharmacist: “Here, honey… Do you want to sit in the back for a few minutes so you can rest a little?”

Me: “Oh, thank you, ma’am. That’s so nice of you!”

(That woman got me to smile for the first time through that Hellish day. Her simple demonstration of kindness made my day a lot more bearable. Thank you, lady!)

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