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Getting A Raw Deal Over This

| Related | January 26, 2017

(I’m six months pregnant and slept horribly the night before, resulting in a serious case of baby brain. My husband and I are currently renting the upstairs apartment in his mother’s house, and while we’re entirely self sufficient there’s an open door policy to raid the main kitchen whenever need. My husband is cooking up a feast for breakfast when we realize we forgot to pick up bread. I drag myself downstairs and see my mother-in-law sitting at the table.)

Me: “Morning. I was just looking for the raw toast.”

Mother-In-Law: *laughing hysterically* “Check the counter.”

(I grab enough to get us through while realizing AFTER looking at the bag that raw toast is more commonly known as “bread.” We have a good chuckle and I drag myself back upstairs where I tell my husband all about this. Fast forward ten minutes. Breakfast is ready and we sit down to eat. I’ve had a bit of a “fight” with the toaster oven… The top of the toast is browned nicely, but the bottom is still bread-like. Not wanting to burn the toast I take the pieces out and butter them anyway. My husband picks his up, frowns, and…)

Husband: “Sweetheart, you know the toast is still raw right?”

(Later we went grocery shopping and “raw toast” was on the list. I have a feeling I’ll never live this down.)

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