Getting A Pronounced Punishment

| TX, USA | Learning | June 22, 2015

(I am in third grade. My class is reading aloud from a book about Native Americans, a topic in which I am very interested.)

Teacher: “The eye-RO-kwis, also known as the Six Nations…”

Me: “[Teacher]?”

Teacher: “Yes?”

Me: “It’s pronounced Iroquois.”

Teacher: “No, that’s not how it’s said.”

Me: “Yes, [Teacher], it is.”

Teacher: “No, I’m an adult and your teacher, which means you need to listen and learn what I’m saying. Now don’t interrupt.” *continues reading* “The name is French, and pronounced… oh.” *grudgingly* “Ir-oh-koi… Their name for themselves is… … [My Name],, how do you say this one?”

Me: “Haudenosaunee.”

(The teacher sent a note home about my ‘impertinence’. Fortunately, my parents knew better and I didn’t get in trouble.)

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