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Getting A Medium Is A Large Problem

, , , , , | Working | October 17, 2018

(I am in line at a fast food restaurant. After reading the menu, I note that the menu states the value meal includes a small drink and small French fry. I pull up to the speaker and order.)

Cashier: *on speaker* “What can I get you?”

Me: “I would like a #4 value meal with a [Soda]. That will be all, thank you.”

Cashier: *on speaker* “That will be $6.98. Please pull forward.”

Me: *even though it seems a little high* “Okay, thanks.”

(I pull to the window and the cashier hands out my food with the order ticket taped to the bag. I hand her my debit card for payment and I glance at the order ticket.)

Me: *to cashier bending over register* “Hey, you charged me an extra $0.58 for a medium drink and a medium fry. The meal comes standard with small sizes.”

Cashier: *sputters* “Well, we were trained to up-size if the customer doesn’t say they only want small.”

(The manager notices us and comes to the window. The cashier closes the window to confer with him.)

Manager: *opens window back up* “I am sorry about that. Let me refund that for you. She is new and is supposed to be trained to ask if you want medium sizes. Please let me see your receipt and debit card for refund.”

Me: *hands debit card and receipt back to him* “I literally asked for the meal number with a [Soda] to drink. I did not ask for anything extra and she didn’t ask. I assumed I would get what the menu states.”

Manager: *returns debit card and refund receipt* “Again, sorry about that.”

Me: “I cannot hold those big size drink cups, and a lot of customer don’t want the extra calories.”

(I pulled out of the parking lot thinking that they only want to squeeze every penny out of unsuspecting customers.)

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