Getting A Leg Up On Your Day

, , , | Hopeless | July 13, 2016

(I have ME/CFS but am also in the somewhat difficult position of being a carer for both of my parents. On days when my ME is bad, I tend to use crutches or a walker. On this particular day, my parents, who are both elderly and partially disabled, are both unable to walk more than a few steps but since we need to go shopping, I push my mum in her wheelchair and use that as a walker, while my dad hires one of the store mobility scooters. My parents and I have reached one side of the shop when I suddenly remember I need to go back to the other for coffee and cereal, so they ask to stay where they are while I head off. I’m limping badly because of severe sciatica and have just picked up the cereal and reached the coffee aisle when I hear a voice beside me.)

Boy: “I’ve got one of those!”

(I look down at the box of cereal and see an advertisement for a ball inside it. I debate just smiling and shrugging it off, but see his parents nearby with the good old ‘here we go again’ look on their faces.)

Me: “Really? They look cool! I got a smaller box last week but there was nothing in that one.”

Boy: “Yeah! I got that one.” *points to the ball in question* “It’s a special one!”

Me: “Oh, wow! I’m gonna have to be really lucky to get that then.”

Boy: “Yeah, but the other ones are cool, too. You’ll have to see which one you get. It could be good!”

Me: “I will. Thanks for the tip!”

(I grinned at him and then looked at the parents, who gave me bright smiles as the boy ran back to his mum before his dad paused to tell me that the boy was actually very shy and I was the first person to listen to him chatter about the toy he got. He thanked me, but that was the first time that day when I hadn’t felt close to tears from the pain in my leg and had actually forgotten about it, and being scared of people myself, getting to talk with that little boy and his parents was a joy. I think it’s me who owes them more thanks!)

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