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Getting A Leg-Up On Cheating Charities

, , , | Right | June 18, 2020

I volunteer at a charity shop that acts as a discount store for the other shops the charity runs. Basically, anything that doesn’t sell eventually comes to our store where we sell them for £1. 

Per UK law, shops do not have to give money back for unwanted items. The law only insists on returns for faulty goods, but many stores have a returns policy for unwanted items. We, however, do not.

Customer: “Hi. I bought these trousers the other day, and they are the wrong size. I’d like to exchange them.”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but we don’t do exchanges.”

Customer: “What? But they are the wrong size, they are not a thirty-two leg!”

I look at the trousers and check.

Me: “It does say here, and here—” *Points* “—that they are a thirty-two leg. However, they’re three-quarter-length trousers; maybe that’s why you’re having problems with them?”

Customer: “They’re not a  thirty-two leg!”

At this point, I take out a tape measure and check.

Me: “Yes, they’re a thirty-two. I’m sorry, but I can’t return these.”

He glares at me and goes to the men’s section. He returns with another pair of trousers.

Customer: “Can I exchange them for these?”

Me: “I’m sorry, but no. If you’d like those, they are £1.”

Customer: “So, you’re cheating me out of £2?!”

Me: “No, sir, but that is the price. Did you try them on before you bought them? We do have a changing room.”

Customer: “I shouldn’t need to try them on!”

He takes £1 from his pocket and slams it on the counter.

Customer: “I know you’re a charity, but I can’t believe you’re cheating me! I won’t come back here again!”

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