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Getting A Hotel Is The Inn Thing To Do

| Related | July 17, 2013

(My fiancée and I, both female, are staying with her parents for the weekend. We leave for one night to stay in a hotel. Her parents are Baptist and, though nice to me, are still ‘coming around’.)

Fiancée: *on the phone* “Mom, we’re leaving tonight and getting a hotel because we want private time.”

(I smack her on the shoulder and give her the stop-talking-now look.)

Fiancée: “There are things that adults want to do that we’re not comfortable doing at your house!”

Me: “[Fiancee’s Name]!!!”

Fiancée: “But we’ll still be back for Sunday dinner tomorrow!”

Me: “That’s going to make it so awkward!”

(I could barely look her mom in the eye the next day!)

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