Getting A Bad Teacher Is A Crying Shame

| Learning | September 17, 2013

(I’m in the fourth grade, and I have a teacher who makes me cry often. It’s the day after my older brother has died from pneumonia. The teacher is taking the register.)

Teacher: “[My Name.]”

Me: *flatly* “Here.”

Teacher: “Don’t take that tone with me!”

Me: *crying* “Y-yes M-Mrs. [Name].”

Teacher: “And WHY are you crying?!”

(As I look at her, my hands and wrist are a bit wet from wiping away tears.)

Me: “A family member passed away last night.”

Teacher: “Well, suck it up! We have work to do!”

(I’m very shy, so one of my closest friends stands up.)

Best Friend: “Mrs. [Name], do you even know which of her family members died?”

Teacher: *shrugs* “I don’t know! It was probably one of her aunts or uncles; she can live through that! She’s nine!”

Best Friend: “It was someone way closer; her brother died! He had pneumonia; he died last night. Do you how close they were? Do you understand why she’s so sad? Maybe now you’ll stop constantly making her cry!”

(The teacher uses the class phone to call the school office. The principal, a man who is friends with me, comes into our class.)

Teacher: “Good, Principal [Name], you’re here.”

(The teacher points to my best friend.)

Teacher: “This student has disrespected me! She should be suspended!”

(The principal calms the teacher down, and turns to me, as he knows I’m an honest person.)

Principal: “[My Name], what happened?”

(I explain everything, telling him why I am crying, and why my best friend had to stand up for me.)

Teacher: “[Best Friend], I think that you will have to leave the class now.”

(The principal turns to her again.)

Principal: “What for? She defended a shy girl, after you made her cry. You should ask before jumping to a conclusion. Now, Mrs. [Name], we have to talk.”

(The teacher ends up getting fired because of all the times she’s caused me to cry!)

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