Get Your Fax Straight

| Friendly | December 13, 2016

(We’re watching a TV show taking place in 1990 where a character asks how a fax machine works.)

Character #1: “All these newfangled gadgets they come out with, they make me nervous. Now, my wife, last year she got a home computer. She loves it. Me, I never go near it.”

Friend: “He should really see the stuff we have now… He wouldn’t even go near a computer?”

Me: “How would he react to iPads and smartphones?”

Friend: “Run for his life…”

Character #1: *about fax* “And you can send it anywhere?”

Character #2: “Anywhere that has a fax machine. Anywhere in the world.”

Character #1: “Anywhere in the world?!”

Friend: “Hey dude, it’s just like a phone…”

Character #1: “And how long does it take?”

Character #2: “Seconds.”

Character #1: “You mean…just by dialling, like, a phone number, that letter will come out across the street or on the other side of the world in seconds?”

Character #2: “It’s not the same letter; it’s an exact copy of that letter. A facsimile.”

Friend: “Wait… did he just think a fax machine actually… like… teleported the paper?!”

Me: “Uh..? Did he?

Friend: “That’s silly… we don’t even have that now.”

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