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Get Them To Explain The Joke And It’s No Longer Funny

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(My fiance and I have been together for nearly nine years. Every year we go to his uncle’s place for July 4th; they invite family as well as friends outside of the family, most of whom we don’t know. It rained most of yesterday and this morning, July 4th. My fiance’s uncle is worried that any cars without four-wheel drive parked in the lower part of the yard won’t be able to make it out, since the only way out is a very muddy hill. My fiance’s uncle, my fiance, a male mutual friend of ours, and a couple of stocky cousins go down to get the cars out before it gets worse. I end up hanging out with them, and driving some of the cars out, since my fiance’s uncle is drunker than anyone realized. Meanwhile, dinner has been put out. I ask my fiance and mutual friend if they want a beer and some food, since they are busy. They both ask for a beer, so I head back up to the house to get some. I grab a plate of food — because I know my fiance better, and there’s very little food left — when an older man I do not know approaches me while I’m at the beer cooler, where I have three beers in hand.) 

Older Man: “Surely you’re not drinking all those beers?”

Me: *politely but quickly* “Oh, no, I’m getting food and a beer for my fiance and our friend while they’re getting the cars out.”

Older Man: *grabbing a beer for himself* “Oh, so, you’re setting your ‘friend’ up as a backup, huh?”

Me: *flatly* “Excuse me?”

Older Man: *half-laughing* “You know, just in case things don’t work out.” 

Me: *knowing he’s trying to be funny* “I don’t know what you mean.”

(At this point, he fumbles over himself trying to explain it’s a joke.)

Older Man: “It’s just a joke, you know, just in case–“

Me: “I’ve been with my fiance for almost nine years. I love him. I don’t know what you mean by ‘backup.'”

(I walked away as he tried to explain it was a joke. Yes, I know it was a “joke.” Yes, I know what a backup is. No, I don’t think it was funny.)

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