Get Some Background Before You Criticize Their Backgrounds

| Learning | February 5, 2016

(We’re in the process of writing our MA theses. This includes several presentations throughout the year on how our research is going. After the final presentation we get collective feedback. Our professor is one of the younger ones at the department.)

Professor: “Overall, everyone is on track with their research, but your skills at presentation are horrible! You just stand there, reading off your notes! And your slides are boring and uninspired! Use images, or a template, or anything to liven it up a little. You’re in your final year; you have to do better than black text on a white background! Haven’t we got a class that teaches you things like this?”

(There’s a few moments of tense silence, when one of the students replies:)

Student: “Not really, sir. We’re just imitating our professors where presentation style is concerned…”

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