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Get Passive Aggressive And Mom Will Get Active Aggressive

| Learning | June 23, 2013

(We rotate out of our normal teacher’s classes to go to a separate teacher for Reading Class. As we can’t write in our books, and it is called “Reading Class,” I never remember to bring my pencil, and consequently am called out by my teachers. After the third time I do this, my teachers call an emergency meeting with my mother.)

Primary Teacher: “So, as you know, [my name] has been having trouble remembering to bring his pencil to Reading Class.”

Mom: “You called me out of a client meeting for this?”

Reading Teacher: “It’s becoming a real problem. We think he’s doing it intentionally. It’s completely passive-aggressive. We think he should go into counseling for this behavior.”

Mom: “Wait. Why doesn’t someone just give him a f******* pencil?”

Reading Teacher: “That’s not the point. The point is your son is being extremely passive aggressive and needs therapy.”

(At this point, my mom bursts into tears.)

Primary Teacher: “Oh, don’t worry! He’s young, and with therapeutic intervention, he’ll be fine! And we’ll make sure he gets the help he needs while he’s in school.”

Reading Teacher: “And I know a really good counselor.”

Mom: “I’m not crying because my son ‘is passive aggressive and needs counseling,’ I’m crying because he has to spend ALL DAY SURROUNDED BY YOU F****** A*******.”

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