Get One Free And That’s It

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(We are having a sale at our store; it is a buy-one-get-one-free event. Because we know that customers don’t read the fine print on a sale sign, we make sure to keep all of the text the same size. It has eliminated a lot of confusion, but we still get customers that see “free” and want the advertised BOGO item for free.)

Customer: *comes up to the till to buy the item*

Me: *scans the item* “Your total today is [total]. We are having a BOGO promotion; would you like a second one for free today?”

Customer: “No, that’s not right; the sign outside said, ‘free.’”

Me: “Actually, the sign says, ‘Buy one get one free.’ This item isn’t free, but if you wanted to grab a second one, then that one would be free.”

Customer: “That’s ridiculous! You’re giving me this item, and I’m leaving with it free of charge. This is false advertising!”

(The customer goes to grab the product, but before they can, I snatch it and put it behind the counter.)

Me: “It says right on the sign, ‘buy one get one free,’ clear as day!”

(I gesture over to the “buy one get one” sign that is at our till on one of our other products.)

Me: “The font is all the same. It is not false advertising, and I am not giving you a free item just because you can’t read. I am sorry, but I am going to have to ask you to leave for attempted theft.”

(The customer leaves, and after my shift is over I go home. When I come in to work the next day, the same customer is talking with my manager.)

Manager: “[My Name], we need to talk. Did you refuse to sell this customer the BOGO item, then proceed to call them a ‘d****e-knuckle’?”

Me: “Absolutely not. They came up with one item. I told them it was a BOGO item and asked if they wanted to grab a second one to get the second one free. They told me I would give them the item for free because of false advertising, and they went to go grab the item. I snatched it before they could grab it, and I then asked them to leave because they attempted to steal product from us.”

Customer: “That’s not true, and you know it! You called me a vulgar name, and I want compensation for it!”

Manager: “I would be happy to compensate you for any troubles, but first I want to know who is telling the truth. I’m going to review the video and audio footage from our cameras in this store. I’ll be just a moment.”

(The manager walks into the back room, and as soon as he does, the customer gives me a panicked look.)

Customer: “I… uh… I have other shopping to do. I’ll be back.”

(The customer leaves the store, and a few minutes after my manager comes back to talk to me.)

Manager: “I saw the footage; you’re off the hook, I called security on that lady, and apparently numerous stores have complained about them doing the exact same thing. If you see them, call security, because they’re not allowed in this mall ever again.”

(A few weeks later, they tried pulling the same thing on a shoe store. Security was called, and they were escorted from the mall and banned.)

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