Get Hack To Work

| Learning | March 4, 2015

(I am in a Java class, where I am a bored over-achiever and the person sitting next to me basically needs me to teach them everything. I have finished the weekly project early, so I open up a hacking type videogame for fun. I proceed to hack into a bank, and find the accounts in it, then proceed to hack into each account separately and transferred the money out into my game account, then delete all proof of my actions before the trace completes. Gaming need satisfied, I shut the game down and am about to start daydreaming, when I notice the guy next to me looking at my screen with big white eyes.)

Guy: “Did you just…” *too scared to say more out loud*

Me: *couldn’t help but smirk because it is funny*

(The guy proceeded to be very very careful around me and began studying Java seriously for the rest of the semester. Heh, go gaming.)

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