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Get Extra Credit For Standing Up For Yourself

| Learning | February 29, 2016

(I’m in the highest level of math classes for my grade with a group of about fifteen other smart kids. Unfortunately, our teacher is one of the meanest people I’ve ever met. She seems to have no interest in our learning and seems to genuinely dislike children. If we have a question she refuses to answer, doles out punishments for ridiculous things, and is generally awful. My class, the smartest, most motivated learners in the school, are failing. As a result, we need all the extra credit we can get. For whatever reason, this teacher seems to have it out for me, and when she comes around to collect extra credit assignments, ignores me and does not pick mine up, despite the fact that it’s sitting in plain view. I wait until the end of class to bring it up, because she never calls on my raised hand throughout the entire 90 minute class period.)

Me: “Hey, Ms. [Teacher], you didn’t pick up my extra credit.”

Teacher: “If I didn’t pick it up, it wasn’t on the upper right hand corner of your desk.”

Me: “Yes, it was. I followed your instructions. There was nothing else on my desk. I need this extra credit.”

Teacher: “Maybe you wouldn’t need it if you studied harder.”

(At this point I’m just done. I was an unpopular quiet mouse of a girl, and did not realize at the time that I actually had chemical depression. I hated school, and the only thing I valued, my grades, were declining because of this one teacher.)

Me: “No.”

Teacher: “Excuse me?”

Me: “No. No. I study hard! I study every single night! All of us do! Every single person has gotten straight-A’s in every single class until you came along! I need this extra credit because YOU refuse to teach! You don’t answer questions and you don’t explain things properly and you’re an AWFUL TEACHER! My assignment was sitting on the freakin’ upper right hand corner of my desk and you walked on by it because for whatever reason you like to bully people! You are a terrible teacher and we are failing because of you. The least you can do is take my freakin’ extra credit assignment, and when I leave this class I am going to the principal’s office to lodge a formal complaint about you!”

(For once, ever, the teacher seems speechless.)

Teacher: “Give it here, [My Name].”

(I hand over the paper feeling like I probably did something wrong. I intend to go through with my threat, but I’m worried the principal won’t believe me, and this teacher will now make my life h***.)

Me: “Thank you, Ms. [Teacher].”

(I leave. As a final note, let me reiterate that I was unpopular in middle school. I rarely talked. And at this time, the school is re-doing the ceilings. So everyone in the hall or nearby classrooms heard my yelling. I open the door and walk into the hall.)

Girl: “Yeah! Go, [My Name]!”

Jock Boy: “You tell her!”

Random Kid I’ve Never Met: “I didn’t know you talked! Woo!”

(About half the seventh grade was in the hall cheering for me. This was probably the best moment of my middle school career. The teacher in question was fired over the summer, but about half of our class fell back a year in math, which is something that we can’t get back. I transferred to a more exclusive school and got treatment for my chemical depression, and life’s been awesome. But I will always remember that terrible teacher and the best day of middle school.)

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