Get A Yo-Yo Because YOLO

| Romantic | May 29, 2013

(A couple in their twenties and their three young children come into the store. The kids quickly start playing at a table we’ve set up and seem content to stay there quietly while their parents look around. Our store encourages its employees to play with small toys while we work to promote their sale; I’ve got a yo-yo.)

Husband: “Oh, sweetie, look at this! Can I get this?”

Wife: “No! I’m not getting you Hobbit LEGO for your 27th birthday!”

Husband: “Aw, but sweetie—”

Wife: “No!”

Husband: *spots something else* “Oh, honey—”

Wife: “No!”

Husband: *spots my yo-yo* “Yo-yos! Where are the yo-yos?”

(I show him, and he gets giddy with excitement as he sees some of the trick yo-yos we have for sale. He grabs one and hurries to his wife.)

Husband: “Honey, look, yo-yos! Can I—”

Wife: “No! Honestly, you’re worse than the kids!”

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