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I am in training to take phone calls. My supervisor is, well, more street-smart than book-smart. So far I have heard another supervisor misuse the word “poignant.” I believe she meant “pertinent,” as we collect info about defective products, not emotion-evoking memories. Today, this supervisor began yelling at me for not showing “empathy” in a response email. “Empathy” means responding with or acknowledging emotions and “I’m sorry” is considered to be one of the worst ways to empathize because it shows pity.

Like many people who have no idea what a word actually means, this supervisor clings to one example of its usage. When I tried to explain that “empathy” can include, “Wow, that sounds frustrating,” or, “I am here to help with that!” this supervisor accused me of “not accepting feedback.”

The best/worst part of it was that said supervisor showed zero empathy for my point of view!

I was informed by said supervisor that I need to accept feedback with a “thank you.” And you can bet that I will one-up that by being all, “Thank you, ma’am,” “Of course, ma’am,” “I will work on that, ma’am,” while I pray for a new job to show up soon!

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