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Gestapo, Taco, Same Difference

, , | Right | January 27, 2009

(I work in a retail store that sells kind of quirky and alternative items. As it is nearing Christmas, I am doing the gift-wrapping while a coworker is ringing up items.)

Lady: *hands me a mug*

Me: *begins gift-wrapping the mug* “Nothing to it. Just like wrapping a tortilla!

Lady: “What would you know about tortillas? You’re blonde!”

Me: “Well, my mother loves–”

Lady: “Shut up! You blondes think you’re so much better than everyone else! You’re not! You need everyone else to do all the work for you! You’re all useless, and you’ll never be the master race!”

Me: “Erm…”

Lady: *pays and storms out*

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