Germaniac, Part 6

| Learning | June 12, 2016

(In my school, barely anyone is native to the area, even among the teachers. It is compulsory to have had lessons in at least three languages by the time you graduate. In lower school, the books usually are provided by the school and handed out by the teachers. This happens in my second year studying English.)

English Teacher: “All right! I have already written your names in for you, so come to the desk and pick it up when I say your name!”

(I finally hear my name and go back to my seat, open the book up – and immediately prepare to go back once she’s done handing the books out. I’m used to having to spell my last name out because it’s so uncommon… but she has only written my first name, which is common both where I come from and in England, and misspelt it. Eventually, the opportunity comes.)

Me: “I’m sorry, but you wrote my name wrong.”

English Teacher: *glances at signature* “What? You are [My Name pronounced the English way], yes?”

Me: “Yes… I don’t mind you saying it that way, but it’s actually written like this where I come from…” *scribbles it beneath her signature*”

English Teacher: *reads it and frowns* “Well… in England, we ALWAYS spell and pronounce your name WITHOUT an ‘H’! Now, shush!”

(So if that’s how she felt, what was she doing out of the country? I’m pretty sure she must have been asking herself the same question, as I never saw her again after the end of that school year.)

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