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Generation Genderalization

| Related | December 5, 2013

(I’m spending the day with my grandmother at her house. We’re talking about LGBTQ related topics, since I’d just come out to her as bisexual. I have just finished telling a story about a female-to-male transgender friend, who is being told by his mother that he isn’t transgendered, but just a lesbian.)

Grandma: “Well, that’s poor boy’s mother’s so full of s***! And how come a girl can like sports, but the second a guy wants to bake he’s suddenly a f****** f*****!?”

(My grandmother proceeds to rant for a good ten minutes, pretty much expressing all the same views that I have about LGBTQ and acceptance/equality.)

Me: “This is why you’re my favorite.”

Grandma: “Oh honey, I know.”

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