Generating Contempt

| Working | July 28, 2017

(I am the customer in this story. I’m about 18. My first car is a vintage VW Bug and it needs work often. Being a young female it is often assumed I do not know what is wrong with my car.)

Employee #1: “Can I help you?”

Me: “I need a generator for my car.”

Employee #1: “You mean an alternator.”

Me: “No, a generator. I have the item number if that helps.”

Employee #1: “You mean a carburetor.”

Me: “No, a generator.”

Employee #1: “Look, sweetie, why don’t you come back with your dad. I’m sure he can help you get the right part.”

Me: *getting frustrated* “Look, is there anyone else here? I’m looking for a generator for my big—”

(He starts to speak again but is interrupted by an older man behind the parts shelf.)

Employee #2: “You got a VW? What year?”

Me: “72 Super Beetle.”

Employee #2: “Hold on, I’ve got a generator on the other shelf.”

Employee #1: “Cars don’t have generators.”

(The old man just grins and says:)

Employee #2: “Maybe you shouldn’t assume you know everything.”

(I was grateful that I got the part and was treated with some respect. We ended up talking vintage cars for a good hour while the original employee licked his wounds.)

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