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General Tso Says SHUT UP!

, , , , | Working | December 13, 2019

(I’m taking my lunch break. One of the things I have in the refrigerator at work is a bottle of spicy honey garlic hot sauce. A coworker spots it.)

Coworker: “What’s this? I’ve never seen this before.”

Me: “Oh, I use it for, like, chicken or wraps sometimes. It tastes like—”

Coworker: “Oh, like a teriyaki sauce.”

Me: “It’s actually more like—”

Coworker: “Like a tangy barbecue sauce?”

Me: “I was going to say more like—”

Coworker: “Is it like [Brand] hot sauce?”

Me: *annoyed* “If you would give me a chance to reply, I was going to compare it to a spicier General Tso’s flavor.”

Coworker: “Well, how was I supposed to know?”

(Oh, I don’t know, maybe actually stop and let me answer your question after you asked it? The funny part was that I later overheard him telling another coworker that I “seemed b****y today.” The coworker, thankfully, responded, “She seemed pretty chipper when I saw her. Sure it’s not just you?”)

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