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Gender Disassociation By Association

| Related | November 10, 2014

(My younger brother and I have always been close despite the fact that I’m six years older. As a result we regularly hang around the house or watch TV together. On this particular day I’ve talked him into watching the anime ‘Ouran Host Club’ which is a rather sparkly and seems pretty girly-girl-geared but we’re both enjoying it. It’s worth noting that I’m a bi tomboy and my brother is a straight theater buff and not a very classically masculine teenager.)

Me & Brother: *laughing up a storm at something in the anime*

Dad: *walks into room and looks at the computer screen for a moment before looking at me skeptically* “You let him talk you into watching this?! Really?”

Me: “Nope, this was my idea. I love this anime and thought he’d get a kick out of it. It’s pretty funny.”

Brother: “Yeah, really, dad. I didn’t find this on my own. I do STILL have my man card.”

Dad: *turning his skeptical look to my brother* “Your man card was only issued to you a year ago and it’s already coated in musical theater stubs and glitter, and you’re still hung up on the girl you dated in freshman year. Also, by the time your sister was your age she had been suspended for fighting and playing pranks a ton of times, and her most recent in a string of stunning and interesting girlfriends left her because she was ‘too rough around the edges.’ I stand by my initial judgment.”

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