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Gay For Gaming

| Related | December 6, 2012

(I am the first man my boyfriend has been in a relationship with. His ten-year-old brother has just been told about this, after a long waiting period to make sure it would go over smoothly. When we tell him, he doesn’t even bat an eyelash. It is now a week later.)

Boyfriend’s Brother: *showing me a computer game he’s playing* “I have to go really far down to fight the boss.”

Boyfriend: “Hey buddy… you remember how Mom told you [my name] is my boyfriend?

Boyfriend’s Brother: *never taking his eyes off the screen* “Yeah.”

Boyfriend: “Did you want to ask us anything about it? Got any questions?”

Boyfriend’s Brother: “Nope.”

Boyfriend: “Well, if you ever do, you can always ask. Okay?”

Boyfriend’s Brother: “I’m wearing the helmet instead of the mask now, because I attack faster that way!”

(It’s just a hunch, but we’re pretty sure he’s cool with it!)

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