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Gas Station Wine: The Typical European Honeymoon

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On our honeymoon in Greece, we nearly get stranded driving our little scooter back from a day trip as it is running out of fuel. We finally find a petrol station in this village, but it’s during afternoon nap/siesta time. We tap on the glass door of the station and a guy steps forward looking groggy.

Me: “Sorry, we didn’t want to wake you up, but we’re almost out of petrol, and we don’t want to be driving back in the dark later.”

We apologise as best we can in the little Greek we know. The guy obliges but looks a little annoyed.

Station Owner: “Where are you from?”

Me: “New Zealand.”

His face lights up and he looks amazed.

Station Owner: “I have never met someone from New Zealand before! What are you doing so far away from home?”

Me: “It’s our honeymoon.”

He tells us to wait there and comes back with a bottle of wine that’s obviously worth more than the €6 of petrol we are buying. He refuses to let us round up the bill for the petrol or buy anything to make up for it.

Station Owner: “Honeymoon is honeymoon. Be happy. Go.”

Hands down one of the best highlights of our trip.

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