Game Of Life

, , , | Hopeless | June 8, 2016

(Ever since I was a child, I’ve always been a bit of an outcast. I was bullied when I was young and never could get along well with family. I’ve been having a bad day; many of my friends have cast me aside and refuse to speak to me. Just as I feel like shutting off my computer and running away, I get a message from an old friend I’d had problems with.)

Friend: “Hey, [My Name]!”

Me: “Hey, [Friend].”

Friend: “How are you doing?”

Me: “Meh.”

Friend: “Oh, listen, I was wondering if you wanted to play [a game revolving around being a mouse getting cheese] with me and some friends tonight?”

(This friend was an odd duck; she often lashed out at people for very silly reasons. Her heart, however, was always in the right place.)

Me: “Sure, I guess.”

(I was then invited into a call on Skype with her and several individuals whom I either barely knew, or didn’t know at all. We played this game clear until three am because we were having so much fun just finding different ways to break it. Those people she introduced me to are now some of my closest and most amazing friends I could ever have asked for. They may not know it, but they’ve all saved my life more times than I care to count with just one simple message.)

Them: “Hello, [My Name]!”

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