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Game For A Refund

, , , , | Right | May 3, 2021

I order a video game from a big online delivery service, along with a book. I get the package. In it is a lot of material, and I find my book but no game. It is small, so I look and look, but nothing. I check my email and it says it was delivered so I figure it was forgotten about. I’m really disappointed because I was looking forward to playing it, so I email them and express my disappointment. They say that they are sold out of the item. I demand a refund, and they comply.

Sometime the next week, I’m cleaning my room and my sister comes in and watches.

Sister: “Hey, what’s this? It looks important. “

I brush my hair out of my eyes and take a good look. I’m usually pretty stoic but I feel my eyes widen into plate sizes.

Me: “That’s my game! Oh, my God! Where was it?! I ordered it!”

My sister is taken aback and a bit scared.

Sister: “It was on the floor. Are you okay?! You’re acting like you’ve found the holy grail.”

Me: “I was looking everywhere for it! I had to get a refund… Oh.”

I blame my very outdated glasses. I wonder if I should contact them and explain, but I figure since it was just a $20 game, they wouldn’t care.

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