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Gaining Sexperience Points, Part 3

| Romantic | January 8, 2017

(I have been diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder and take daily medication for it. I keep a bottle of my pills at my boyfriend’s house for night’s that I spend there. This conversation occurs over text at the end of a week in which I’ve forgotten to take my medication every night that I’ve spent at his place.)

Me: “Let it be known that henceforth and forever more, you, [Boyfriend], shall be in charge of ensuring that I, [My Name], have taken my anxiety meds prior to becoming superiorly unconscious on such nights as I slumber in your abode.”

Boyfriend: “O… kay?”

Me: “Do you accept this responsibility?”

Boyfriend: “Aye, milady.”

Me: “This is pleasing. You have spared yourself the wrath of The Girlfriend, earned 500 experience, and unlocked the ability ‘Bounty.’ This is a daily power that enables you to receive a free kiss upon reminding The Girlfriend to take her meds. Should She complain, you make an immediate interrupt for a second kiss. If The Girlfriend remembers on her own, the kiss for reminding Her is forfeit. However, you may request a kiss with a DC of 7.”

Boyfriend: “Is this a check that I can take 20 on?”

Me: “The maximum modifier you may have on this check is 3. Currently, your modifier is 0. You must spend points in that category for a higher modifier.”