Gaining Sexperience Points, Part 2

| Romantic | August 12, 2016

(My boyfriend and I have just had sex for the first time, and are cuddling in bed. I was a virgin and he was not, and he knew this. We’d been sleeping in the same bed for a couple of months prior to this, and I sleep-talk a lot, so he had been woken up one night by me announcing in a game show host voice, “Congratulations! Now neither of us are virgins!” This had become a running joke between us and I had promised not to say that when we actually had sex.)

Me: *looking deeply into his eyes with a slight smile* “That was the best sex I’ve ever had!”

Boyfriend: *rolls his eyes back farther than I thought possible* “Oh, my god… you didn’t.”

Me: *collapses in giggles* “Also…” *whispers* “Congratulations…”

Boyfriend: *cuts me off* “NOPE. You promised! YOU PROMISED!”

(He pauses for a moment, and then grins.)

Boyfriend: “Congratulations! You leveled up! You are now a Level 2 Sexasaur!”


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