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Fus Ro Darn, This Place Is A Mess

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(My grandmother’s been sick for a while, to the point where her household chores have been neglected. Her house is horrifying as a result, to say the least. My sister and I go over to help her out while she’s in the hospital for, hopefully, her final surgery. My sister takes the bathroom while I tidy the kitchen.)

Sister: “It’s like a gas station bathroom in there, so wish me luck.”

Me: “All right. I wish you luck.”

(After a while I hear an exasperated sigh, and she comes back out and grabs her iPod and speaker dock.)

Sister: “Your luck’s not working. I’m going to have to try something else.”

(After a while I hear epic music coming from the bathroom at full volume.)

Me: “Are you listening to a metal cover of the Skyrim theme to motivate yourself to clean the bathroom?”

Sister: “Actually, I’m hoping it will give me the power to dragon shout the bathroom away, so I don’t have to clean it anymore!”

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