Further Training Needed

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I have a written drivers’ ed test in high school. Typical of standard written tests, you are not supposed to write on the actual test papers but supply a separate sheet with the question numbers followed by your written answers. This is stated multiple times and is written on the top of the test question sheets in big, bold type.

All is going fine, but I then come across the following question:

Exam: “You are driving and your car stalls on railroad tracks. There is no train coming. Do you: A) Run towards the train? or B) Run away from the train?”

I have to stop and reread that one. Then, I quietly snicker.

I circle the question on the test paper, and on my separate written answer sheet, I write my response.

Response: “C) Push the car off of tracks, because there was no train. If there WAS a train, I would then A) Run towards the train, so as to avoid flying debris.”

Of course, the test proctor yells at me when the test paper is returned with the circled question.

Proctor: “Don’t you pay attention?! You were not supposed to mark on the test sheet!”

Me: “Read the question!”

After they do, I get a very sheepish reply.

Proctor: “Oh… Umm, you got that answer right.”

And, technically, it was indeed right; you run at an angle away from the tracks but in the direction the train is coming from, to avoid the flying debris from it striking your car.

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