Full Unsettled Jacket

, , , | Right | December 29, 2019

(This is my first day on the job working at a high-end clothing store which many people deem pretentious, but I know someone who got me the job. After I’ve dealt with a drunk mom who was taking her 20-something-year-old son jean shopping, a flustered, well-dressed woman comes charging in and walks up to me.)

Customer: “Do you work here? I need to know if the jacket I had transferred from a different store is in.”

Me: “Uh…” *literally my first day* “Hey, [Coworker], this lady needs help.”

(The customer is visibly annoyed but asks my coworker the same question.)

Coworker: “Let me check on the jacket.” *comes back* “I’m sorry, it hasn’t come in yet.”

Customer: “It hasn’t come in yet?! Are you serious?! It’s been two weeks now!”

Coworker: “I’m sorry, let me call the other store.” *disappears into the back room*

Customer: *runs up to me* “Where’s your manager?!”

Me: “Uh, there’s actually not one working tonight.”

Customer: “THIS PLACE IS RIDICULOUS! I’m leaving!”

(My coworker finally comes back out grinning.)

Me: “What’s her deal? She wanted a jacket from another store shipped here?”

Coworker: “She wanted it shipped from [Other Mall] to our store which costs $50 on top of the price of the $120 coat.”

Me: “What the f***? Seriously?”

(The other mall is literally ten to fifteen minutes by highway from this mall. This woman was waiting for two weeks and was willing to pay $50 because she couldn’t be bothered to drive over there and buy the coat in the size she needed.)

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