Full-Time Alchemist

, , , , | Right | February 22, 2019

(A couple friends and I are attending a local anime convention. One of my favorite parts of the convention is the fact that it’s across the street from the mall and a large shopping district, and it’s fun to see all the confused non-con-goers watching the cosplayers in our brightly-colored costumes and asking what the heck is going on. This happens when my friends and I are in a store near the mall. Three of us are all in costume, standing in a group, and browsing merchandise, when a woman approaches.)

Woman: “Excuse me, can I ask you something?”

Me: *thinking she is about to ask why we’re all dressed up* “Sure!”

Woman: “Can you tell me if you tell me where [item] is? I can’t find it anywhere!”

Me: *realizing she has — somehow — mistaken us for store employees* “Oh, sorry, we actually don’t work here.”

Woman: “Oh, I just saw your name tag…” *points to my badge for the convention*

(She went to ask one of the actual employees, who were all behind the counter ten feet away, in no way dressed up like anime characters, and also not wearing name tags.)

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