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Full Cream Ahead

| Working | April 3, 2017

(I go by a popular drive through to pick up some drinks; I get to the food window and find an ice-cream handed to me.)

Me: “Sorry, I didn’t ask for this.”

Worker: “Oh, sorry.” *goes to grab it*

Me: “Hang on, did I get charged for this? I didn’t get a receipt.”

Worker: “Uh…” *disappears*

(I’m waiting in the hot car for a few minutes with a half melted ice cream running down my hand.)

Manager: “What’s the problem?”

Me: “I was given this ice cream that I didn’t ask for. Before you have it back I want to know if I was charged for it.”

Manager: “Hang on.”

(He disappears again, eventually returning.)

Manager: “No, it wasn’t added to your bill.” *looking at my hand* “But have it free.” *slams the window shut*

(So thanks (I guess) for the free ice cream!)

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