Fuelling Their Anger, Part 2

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I work at a gas station. I’m waiting on customers in line and this woman asks for $20 of 87 unleaded on pump #1. I authorize the sale and the lady is ready to go pump her gas. I continue waiting on other people in line when I notice her flailing her arms around at me. I look out the window to her and she looks irritated. I hold up one finger to her, signaling “just a minute.” She rolls her eyes and stomps back into the store. She bypasses the entire line and stands at my counter. I ask her what is wrong. 

Customer: “My pump won’t work. I can’t get the gas to come out.”

Me: “Okay, just give me one second. Did you press the button hard enough?”

Our pumps are old. Sometimes you really have to slam the button to get it to work.

Customer: “Yes.”

I’m continuing to wait on customers who are in line.

Me: “Okay, just give me one second and I’ll be right out to help you.”

The customer sighs.

Customer: *Irritated tone* “Can’t you just take it off and reset it?”

Me: “Just give me one second, please. As soon as I’m done with these people, I will come out and help you.”

The customer rolls her eyes, scoffs, and stomps outside. I can see her from the window punching the 87 unleaded button over and over again and growing more frustrated each time. Finally, I help the last customer and I go outside to help her. 

Customer: “See?!”

She points to the gas nozzle and slams the 87 button again. I then realize that this lady is a total moron. She was trying to shove the diesel nozzle into her car.

Me: “Ma’am, you’re trying to use the diesel nozzle. The black handled nozzles are for gasoline.”

Customer: *Pause* “Oh.”

I hung up the diesel nozzle, unhooked the black gasoline nozzle, and suck it in her gas tank with ease. She got red-faced and I fought the urge to snicker at her. 

Thank God diesel nozzles don’t fit into gasoline tanks or else she would have completely ruined her car.

Fuelling Their Anger

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