Fueling Their Entitlement

, , , | Right | December 6, 2017

(I have a meeting with my boss, so I decide that I need to dress up a little extra for work. I’m wearing a dress, suit jacket, and heels. I stop to fill up my car with gas. There is one other car there, and that customer is honking her horn and shouting for an employee. An employee comes out and starts pumping her gas. I’m also female.)

Customer: “Well, finally! I’m on my way to work, and I can’t mess up my outfit!”

Employee: “No problem, ma’am. We’ll get you filled up.”

(The employee finishes up and spots me at the next pump over.)

Employee: “Good morning, young lady. Do you also need help?”

Me: “Oh, no. I’m fine.”

(The other lady turns around and stares at me.)

Me: *in a slightly louder voice* “I can fill up my own car. But thank you for offering.”

(The lady lets out an annoyed yell, slams her car door, and peels out of the parking lot.)

Me: “Good luck today.”

Employee: “Thanks. I’m going to need it.”

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