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Frustration Comes To Those Who Won’t Wait

, , , , , | Right | CREDIT: LKJNAElhjberg | December 22, 2020

I’m out of work because of the health crisis, so occasionally I drive my husband to and from work because he has a long commute and at least once in a while I can do the driving for him.

He works at a warehouse-type shopping center. Between nine and ten am, Monday through Friday, they have senior shopping. His shift starts at 9:45. I have some shopping to do today, so we walk in together. I go to grab a cart and go to the back of the line of “regular” shoppers waiting for the senior hour to finish up and be let in.

My husband kisses my cheek and walks into the building. We’re in our thirties, definitely not close to the fifty-five-plus limit. The lady at the front of the line starts SHRIEKING.

Lady: “That man was just allowed in to shop and didn’t wait in line like the rest of us!”

I stop in the middle of grabbing a cart and watch it unfold. My husband turns around and politely explains, while holding up his name badge.

Husband: “Ah, sorry, ma’am. I work here; I’m just showing up for my shift is all. I’m not cutting the line, I promise!”

She LOSES it.

Lady: “I demand to speak to a manager! People are being allowed to cut in front of me and I’ve been waiting for over an hour to get in!”

The doors don’t even open until nine am. There are signs everywhere explaining that nine to ten is senior hour and it has been this way for MONTHS. My husband continues to try calm the lady down, explaining that he’s an employee, his shift starts in three minutes, he’s not cutting in line, he’s clocking in for his shift, etc. The person watching the door keeps explaining the same.

Finally, a manager comes to the front. The lady is now blue in the face from yelling and screaming. It’s time for my husband to clock in, and he can’t get past the front door because the lady keeps screaming. The manager explains that my husband is, indeed, there to work and get everything ready for the incoming flood of patrons.

The lady is having NONE of it. My husband finally decides that in order to end the situation, he’ll use the back entrance…. at the complete opposite side of the GIANT building. The manager and my husband share a very knowing look. The manager apologizes to the lady, who now looks incredibly righteous. The manager says he’ll have “a talk to” the employee at the front door. There’s some whispering, My husband’s coworker smiles a little.

It’s now ten am, and the doors are supposed to be open to everyone. The lady starts looking very, very impatient as the manager, standing at the door, tells her he can’t let the general public in until there are two people at the door. We wait. And wait. And wait. And wait.

And about five minutes after ten, my husband walks up to the door from INSIDE the building, and calls the lady on into the building.

Husband: “Sorry I’m late; I was held up.”

The laughs from the people in line behind the lady were just… precious. She went from blue in the face screaming to red and embarrassed. The best “I DO work here, lady!” ever.