Froshed & Confused

, | Learning | April 2, 2013

(I work at the main library of a large university which requires you to swipe your student ID to enter. I’m working at the lending desk when a student comes over.)

Me: “Hi, are you okay there?”

Student: “What is this?”

Me: “This is the lending desk, wher—”

(The student points at my lanyard that holds my staff ID pass around my neck.)

Student: “Can I get one of those?”

Me: “Oh, sorrym we don’t sell these. Most people just keep their student ID in their wallet or their purse.”

Student: “In their purse?”

Me: “Yeah, you can keep it wherever you like. I’m sure if you wanted a lanyard you could buy one from somewhere else but we don’t have any for sale. I’m sorry, we just have them for staff use.”

Student: “This is my first day; what is this?”

Me: “This is the lending desk; did you need any help?”

Student: “Where are we? Is this place a book shop?”

Me: *confused* “No, it’s a library.”

(The student starts getting flustered.)

Me: “The whole building is a library.”

Student: “Oh.” *slowly backs away and runs out as if in danger*

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