From Zero To Karma In 1 Second

| Right | April 27, 2009

(I’m a driving instructor taking a student for his first drive ever. It’s a quiet suburb street, away from major traffic.)

Me: “Okay, just pull out slowly and watch for parked cars…”

(As my student is doing this, a frustrated driver that has been following us pulls into the lane next to us, driving the wrong way since it’s a two-lane road.)

Angry driver: *yells out window* “Learn to f**king drive!”

(The angry driver speeds off … and crashes right into a car heading the opposite direction. Later on, after we’ve pulled over and are waiting for the police…)

Me, to student: “Okay, that’s an example of what NOT to do while driving.”

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  • Aaron Peterson

    Well, “Angry Driver” certainly helped the student “learn to f***ing drive” by giving a crash course (Pun intended) in what NOT to do.

  • GeminiDragonBadger

    I don’t get people who get mad over a *student driver* being overly cautious. In the US, at least, student driving cars are clearly marked.

    I remember when I was student driving, I came to a 3 way stop. Dude pulled up behind me while I was making sure it was clear, and blared his horn. So I stayed there an extra bit. You know. To be safe.