From The Mouth Of Babes

| England, UK | Learning | June 10, 2015

(One weekend when I am six years old our family has a female working colleague of my father’s staying with us as a guest, and on Sunday we all have an outing to our rented caravan. On Monday I come home from school as usual.)

Mum: “What did you do at school today?”

Me: “We had to write what we did at the weekend.”

Mum: “Did you write about going to the caravan with Judith?”

Me: “Yes.”

Mum: “Very good. Well done.”

(The following day my father took me to school as usual and noticed that some of the teachers were giving him odd looks. But he thought little of it until a few weeks later when he read my class exercise book and spotted the following entry, marked by the teacher with a tick but no comment:)

Book: “Monday, 11 June. My weekend. Daddy took his friend called Judith to our caravan.”

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