From The Hunter To The Hunted

| Working | January 9, 2013

(I am a short, 23-year-old female and am shopping at a hunting store for some supplies for a hunting trip. I come up to the register, where the cashier is a 20-something guy.)

Cashier: “Doing some shopping for your husband, huh?”

Me: “Nope, this is for me.”

Cashier: “Are you kidding me? You’re a girl!”

(He proceeds to make additional sexist comments, bringing me close to tears. Suddenly, an elderly lady pipes up behind me.)

Elderly Lady: *to the cashier* “You’re absolutely right! It’s barbaric, having a girl hunt! I want to speak to your manager, and let him know what fine employees he has.” *to me* “You stay, too.”

(The cashier shoots me a smug look and summons his manager. I’m extremely upset at this point, but manage to keep it together.)

Manager: “Yes?”

Elderly Lady: “I just want to say what an absolute idiot this cashier is. He made several sexist comments to this young lady, and treated her extremely rudely. His behavior is unacceptable.”

Manager: *to the cashier* “Is this true?”

Cashier: “She deserved it! Women shouldn’t be allowed in the store!”

Manager: “Get out. You’re fired.” *to us* “Would you ladies like some free gifts?”

Cashier: *shoots us all a dirty look and begins to walk away*

Elderly Lady: “That’s right, motherf***er!”

(I burst out laughing; she looked so sweet! After thanking her profusely, I left the shop with some free gifts and a smile on my face!)

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