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From Off The Shelf To Straight Down Your Throat

, , , , , | Right | June 8, 2021

I work in a high-end department store. As such, customers can be a little… particular. This is fine, though, as we are used to it and can handle it well. One woman comes in and chooses some very expensive sunglasses. This happens as I’m checking her out.

Customer: “And I would like a fresh pair from the back.”

Me: “Of course, ma’am. Let me go check that we have them.”

I go through our stock, but the only extra pair is also out on the shelf. I bring the extra pair to the register in case she likes the condition of these more. But before I can get a word in, she barks at me:

Customer: “I just saw what you did! You just took those off the shelf!”

Me: “I did, ma’am. These are the only two pairs I have left, but we can easily order you a brand new one if you like.”

Customer: *Grumbles* “Fine, order it.”

I cancel the transaction and start an order when she suddenly speaks up again.

Customer: “No. You know what? Cancel everything. I don’t want them. I saw what you did. I won’t take a used pair!”

She stormed off. I assume she thought I was trying to pass the other pair off as the new pair, but she jumped down my throat before I could explain and then didn’t seem to believe me anyway when I did. Some people can never be pleased.

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