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From Off Day To Pissed Off

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I’m having an “off” day; I just can’t get motivated. All I want to do is go home, but I promised to deliver a report to a coworker, and we have a review later today to go through it as it is pretty difficult to understand. It is some big part of a project she is working on, so I can’t really cancel.

I struggle through the day and manage to get the report done a little early. I try calling my coworker a few times to see if we can meet early, but no answer. Emails don’t fare any better.

I stick around and get to the meeting room early. Twenty minutes later, my coworker still hasn’t shown and is still not answering phone calls.

I call the only other person I know from the team and they tell me [Coworker] went home earlier and took a half-day holiday.

I write to [Coworker]:

Me: “[Coworker], please can you let me know if you will not be attending meetings in advance? I stuck around yesterday purely to meet with you. As this work is a favour, I would have appreciated the heads-up.”

The next day:

Coworker: “Oh, yeah, sorry. I couldn’t be bothered to do that yesterday. Can you do it today?”

I had a half-day holiday, sent her what I had, and let her figure it out… if she could be bothered.

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