From Fried To Fired

| Working | May 15, 2013

(I’ve just ordered a small salad and some fries. I get the salad almost immediately, but the fries take longer. It’s been nearly a half hour when I finally ask about my fries.)

Me: “Excuse me, I ordered a side of fries about thirty minutes ago. Is it going to take much longer?”

Cashier: “It might. I don’t know. I don’t do fries. I’ll ask my coworker.”

(They go over to talk to their coworker at the fryer.)

Cashier: “Alright, he said it should only take a few more minutes. Probably got lost in the system because of your salad, haha.”

Me: “Thanks so much!”

(Another ten minutes pass. Several orders are put out, most of them with fries on the side. I start to get annoyed, and the cashier sees this.)

Cashier: “Hold on, I’ll take care of it…”

(She goes over to her co-worker and asks where my fries are, again.)

Fry Guy: “Stop f*****g asking me! I’ll get them when I f*****g get them!”

Cashier: “If you don’t stop speaking like that I will have [boss] have a stern talk with you.”

Fry Guy: “Yeah, right, I’ve been here way longer than you. Plus that fat-a** b***h doesn’t need more fat and grease.”

(At this moment, I turn and see a large man with “Manager” written on his name tag. He’s been listening and finally speaks up.)

Manager: *to the fry guy* “No, you have not been here that long, and this young lady is not fat. You’re fired.”

Fry Guy: “Aw come on, I’ve been here longer than [cashier] has been! Gimmie another chance!”

Manager: “No, you’ve done this five times in the last week already! I want your whites on my desk by two o’ clock, no later.”

Fry Guy: *mutters curses and stomps to the back*

Cashier: “Here, I’ll take your entire order off. It’s on us.”

(All that trouble over two handfuls of fries!)

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