From Boob Tube To Boob Tubes

| Right | July 13, 2011

(In 1994, I worked at one of the first ISPs in the world. Customers have heard a lot about the internet, but in the days before Google, they sometimes had a hard time finding exactly what they wanted.)

Female coworker: “Hey, I have a guy on line 1 who is asking to talk to a male.”

Me: “What? That’s insane. What does he want?”

Female coworker: “I have no idea, but he’s really insistent on talking to a guy.”

Me: “Okay, I’ll take it.” *picks up phone* “Thank you for calling. How can I help you?”

Customer: “Yeah, I…uh…have a question and, um…I wanted to talk to another guy about it, if ya know…”

Me: “What is your question, sir?”

Customer: “Well, I’m on the Internet and I’m looking for something. I can’t find it.”

Me: “I understand. What are you looking for?”

Customer: “Uh…well…where the h*** are the boobies?”

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